WFNMC: World Compendium of Mathematics Competitions

It is planned to develop the list below and any submissions consistent with the format below with a view to making the lists more complete would be appreciated. The format is based on that of the book World Compendium of Mathematics Competitions published by the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT Publishing) in 1992. In any case, the Australian Mathematics Trust will gradually update this list consistent with the 1992 data otherwise (if thought to be still essentially correct), but fresh submissions will receive priority.

International Competitions

  • International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO)

    Information correct as at December 2000.

    The aims of the IMO include the discovering, encouraging and challenging of mathematically gifted students, the fostering offriendly international relations between students and their teachers.

    The IMO is the pinnacle of excellence for school students of mathematics throughout the world.

    Age of Participants: Under 20 years, not enrolled in a University

    School level of participants: Secondary school

    Number of entries: About 460 students from over 80 countries.

    Contact Address: Professor John Webb, Department of Mathematics, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa.


  • International Mathematics Tournament of Towns

    Information correct as at December 2000.

    The competition aims to enable students from different cities in different countries to participate in the same problem solving competition.

    In 1980 the Tournament was established as an Olympiad of three cities in the USSR. In 1981 the competition became national within the USSR. In 1984 it received official status within the USSR and also spread to other countries in the Eatern Bloc. In 1988 the Tournament became fully international. The Tournament now enjoys participation of over 120 cities from many parts of the world. Its organisation in Moscow is under the auspices of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which awards Diplomas to the students with higher scores.

    Age of Participants:13 to 18 years

    School level of participants: Secondary school

    Number of entries: About 10,000 students from about 30 countries.

    Contact Address: Professor N Konstantinov, Turnir Gorodov, P.O.Box 68, Moscow, 121108, RUSSIA,


  • Le kangourou des mathématiques
  • This is a large multichoice competition, held in most European countries and attracting well over a million entries annually.

National Competitions

  • Argentina

    See the web site.

  • Australia

    The following are two major activities of the Australian Mathematics Trust.

    • Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)
    • Information accurate as at December 2000.

      The AMC aims to highlight the importance of mathematics as a subject in the curriculum, to give students of all standards an opportunity to succeed, and to provide resources to the classroom. It commenced in 1978 as a national competition within Australia.

      Age of Participants: 13 to 18 years.

      School level of participants: Secondary Schools, Primary Schools in some regions.

      Number of entries: About 500,000 students (400,000 from Australia, the remainder from about 38 other countries).

      Contact Address: Executive Director, Australian Mathematics Trust, University of Canberra ACT 2601, Australia.


    • Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians

      Information correct as at December 2000.

      This event consists of three stage, a Challenge Stage in which students attempt a number of problems over a three-week period, an Enrichment Stage, in which students undergo enrichment course work over a six-month period, and the Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad (AIMO).

      Age of Participants: 11 to 16 years (Challenge Stage), 13 to 16 years (Enrichment Stage and AIMO).

      School level of participants: Primary and Secondary Schools, (Challenge Stage), Secondary school (Enrichment Stage and AIMO).

      Number of entries: About 17,000 students (Challenge Stage), about 6,000 students (Enrichment Stage) about 700 students (AIMO).

      Contact Address: Executive Director, Australian Mathematics Trust, University of Canberra ACT 2601, Australia.

  • Canada

    • Canadian Mathematics Competition
    • Information correct as at 1992.

      The competition aim is to encourage mathematics and provide an excellent resource for enrichment, problem solving and contest preparation. The competition aims to test the knowledge and comprehension of maths principles around the country.

      Age of Participants: 12 to 18 years.

      School level of participants: Secondary Schools

      Number of entries: 200,000

      Contact Address: Canadian Maths Competition, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1, Canada.


  • France

    • French Federation of Mathematical Games

      For the first level "Eliminatoires" where students can play however they wish (at home, at school,...) we have 100 000 participants worldwide. For the 1/2 finales, we have 10 000 people, 3000 at the final and we keep only 300 for the international final in Paris. We do not always translate our "eliminatoires" subjects into English. The finale ones are always translated into English.

      We try to promote mathematics through fun applications and fun short math exercises.

      Age of Participants: 9 to 99 years.

      School level of participants: From 3rd year of Primary Schools to university level. We have also subject for Math professionals and non-professionals.

      Number of entries: About 100,000 people

      Contact Address: FFJM, 1, avenue Foch, F-94700 Maison Alfort, France

    • Le kangourou des mathématiques. See under International.

  • Portugal

    There is a website of three Portuguese regional competitions: Two online problem solving competitions (Campeonato de Matemática SUB12 and Campeonato de Matemática SUB14) and a regional mathematics olympiad (Olimpíadas Concelhias do Algarve em Matemática). The competitions are promoted by the Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies of the University of Algarve.

    The three competitions are harboured at the same website: Matemática 5 Estrelas. The link of the website is: here. The website language is Portuguese.

  • United Kingdom

    See web site for details on activities of the UK Mathematics Trust.

  • USA

    • American Mathematics Competitions
    • See web site.

    • USA Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS)
    • Information last edited in 2005.

      Each year the USAMTS consists of four rounds, each round featuring five problems. The problems are published on the USAMTS web site on the Internet. Most competitions require students to answer several questions over a few hours, often in multiple choice format. The USAMTS is different in that students have a full month to work out their solutions. Carefully written justifications are required for each problem. Students may use any materials - books, calculators, computers - but all the work must be their own. Student solutions to the USAMTS problems are graded by mathematicians and comments are returned to the students.

      Our goal is to help all students develop their problem solving skills, improve their technical writing abilities, and mature mathematically while having fun. We wish to foster not only insight, ingenuity and creativity, but also the virtue of perseverance, which is equally essential in scientific endeavors.

      Age of Participants: 13 to 18 years

      School level of participants: Secondary school, possibly earlier

      Number of entries: 1,000-2,000

      Contact Address: USA Mathematical Talent Search, PO Box 2090, Alpine, CA 91903-2090; USA

      Tel: (619) 445-0112,

      Fax: (619) 445-2379.


      Web address:

      The USAMTS site is now part of the site, which contains a very active message board, as well as a LaTeX tutorial, an online school, and many other resources for avid problem solvers.

  • Venezuela

    The Venezuelan Matematical Olympiad has as its main objective to encourage the development of mathematical talent in all students. The venezuelan olympiad has been held for more than 27 years without interruptions. This mathematical competition is organized by the Centro Nacional para el Mejoramiento de la Enseñanza de la Ciencia (CENAMEC, National Center for the Improvement of Science Education). The Venezuelan Matematical Olympiad has two levels and four stages each. One level at the last year of Basic Education nad the other leval at the last year of Secondary Education. The four stages are: local, state, national and international.

    Age of Participants: 14 to 18 years.

    School level of participants: Secondary Schools, last year of Basic School.

    Number of entries: About 30,000 students

    Contact Address: CENAMEC, Piso 5, Edif. Sede del Ministerio de Educacion, Esq. de Salas, Parroquia Altagracia, Caracas 1010, VENEZUELA