Angelo Di Pasquale, Australia

Posted Monday 12 February 2024

[Angelo Di Pasquale]

Dr Angelo Di Pasquale first came under notice when he was selected in the Australian IMO team in 1990 and 1991 from a modest background and won a bronze medal on each occasion.

Angelo quickly became assimilated into the training of future students and by 1997 had become Deputy leader at the IMO in Argentina under the leadership of David Hunt. In 2000, he became Director of Training of the Australian team and since 2002 has been Leader of Australia's team at the IMO.

Angelo has carried out this sustained role ever since, using unusual methods such as using mostly only former IMO students as trainers, which has helped to develop a large competition family. He has introduced frequent innovations in his methods, improving Australia's performances notably over the years.

During his time as IMO Team Leader for 22 years, the number of medals he has won has been Gold 19, Silver 48, Bronze 51 and 12 Honorable Mentions, a remarkable result for a small country. Under his leadership, Australia has placed in the top 10 internationally twice, and on the best occasion, 6th. Only on two occasions, in the first and third of his 22 years, did he fail to get an award for all 6 students, and his record improves, as 10 of his 19 Gold Medals have been won in just the last six of his 22 years. He continues to develop his training methods.

Angelo could have been a research mathematician at a university, but the University of Melbourne created a special position for him in their mathematics department to focus on the training of students, recognizing his skills, interests and passions.