David Christopher Hunt, Australia

Posted Monday 07 March 2016

[David Hunt]

David Hunt receives his Award at Hamburg on 30 July 2016 from Prof. Dr. Gabriele Kaiser, ICME-13 Convenor. WFNMC President Prof. Alexander Soifer is third from left and Chair of Awards Committee Prof. Maria Falk de Losada is at right.


David Hunt's contribution to mathematics competitions and enrichment activities in Australia is enormous.

For some years after his initial appointment, he co-ordinated the University of NSW Maths Competition for Schools, before becoming involved with the Australian Mathematical Olympiad program in 1985. In 1986, he was appointed Team Leader for the IMO, a role which he filled nine times between 1986 and 2001. He was well-known and highly respected in the Jury room and was a frequent contributor to discussion.

In 1988, he served as the academic co-ordinator of the International Mathematical Olympiad when it was held in Canberra. The 1988 Olympiad was considered exemplary in many respects and this is in no small part due to David’s tireless efforts in his role.

In 1996, he was appointed Director of Training for the Australian Olympiad program, involving the running of its December School of Excellence and April IMO Selection School, each of these a 10-day residential camp. Building on the legacy of his predecessor David Paget, he continued to give the program stability and depth.

Although he stepped down from this position in 2001, he continued to mentor the new Director, Angelo Di Pasquale and remains the Chair of the IMO team selection committee, assisting with final marking and selection at the end of each Selection School. This role can be a very sensitive one and David has a well-earned reputation for seeking consensus and conducting a fair and robust selection process.

David has been a member of the AMOC Senior Problems Committee (which sets the questions for the Australian Mathematical Olympiad and other high-level examinations) since 1986, stepping down only last year after 29 years of service.

He has also been a final stage moderator for the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) since 1999 and continues to make a very valuable and insightful contribution to this competition.

He has been the Deputy Chair of the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee since 2002. He has also served as an alternate on the AMT Board for many years, and has been a Director of the Trust and member of its Advisory Committee.

David was awarded a BH Neumann award in 1998 (the Australian Mathematics Trust award for meritorious service to mathematical enrichment) and continues to contribute to Trust activities with his trademark passion.


Sydney University (1963 – 1966): B Sc (with honours) 1966
Warwick University: M Sc (1968), Ph D (1970)


Appointed Lecturer (now Associate Professor), University of NSW (1971 – present)

Volunteer Activities

Co-ordinator of UNSW/IBM maths competition (1971 – 1984)
Tutor with Australian Maths Olympiad program (1995 onwards)
Leader IMO team (1986, 1989, 1990, 1996 – 2001)
Academic Co-ordinator – IMO 1988
AMOC Director of Training (1996 – 2000)
AMOC Senior Problems Committee (1986 – 2014)
AMC Final moderator (1999 – present)

Board and Committee positions

Academic Board (UNSW) (for at least 8 years)
AMOC Deputy Chair (2002 – 2016)
AMT Board alternate (for many years)
Director of AMTT Ltd (1996 – 2014)


BH Neumann Award (for contribution to Mathematics Enrichment) 1998