Ali Rejali, Iran

Posted Tuesday 08 July 2008

[Ali Rejali]

Ali Rejali receives his award from ICMI President Michele Artigue at ICME-11 in Monterrey, Mexico, 08 July 2008. WFNMC President Petar Kenderov stands by.


Ali is the co-founder of the Iranian national mathematics competitions and has a generally strong record of establishing enrichment activities in his country including the mathematics houses which he and his colleagues have established in difficult and unusual conditions. He has had considerable influence in setting the scene for the national mathematics syllabus in mathematics and statistics via lectures at national conferences and other representations. He has also had considerable influence in supporting teachers ,as well as being the co-founder of many societies for mathematics teachers throughout the country and the Iranian Statistical Society.

Ali was involved in at least three major studies for improvement of mathematics education in Iran (lack of interest in students for studying mathematics, problems of national university entrance examinations, and the WMY 2000 project).

He has also been involved in activities related to popularizing ICT in schools and among teachers and many in-service courses for teachers.

On the international scene, Ali has been actively involved in WFNMC since its beginning and he had major role in many committees of the Federation,as well as being the chair and coordinator of the Geometry sections of two WFNMC conferences in China and Australia.

He is also a member of the 16th ICMI study and active participant of ICMEs. Ali is also the representative and organiser of the International Mathematics Tournament of Towns Competitions in Iran.