[Nairi Sedrakyan]

Nairi Sedrakyan, Yerevan, Armenia

Nairi Sedrakyan is a winner of the WFNMC Erdos Prize in 2022.

Dr. Nairi Sedrakyan is a Laureate of the highest award of the Ministry of Education and Sciences of the Republic of Armenia: Gold Medal for the Achievement in Teaching.

Dr. Sedrakyan has authored 14 books and around 70 articles in different countries (USA, Switzerland, South Korea, Russia) on the topic of problem solving and Olympiad style mathematics, including "Number Theory through Exercises", 2019, USA; "The Stair- Step Approach in Mathematics", 2018, Springer, USA (550 pages); "Algebraic Inequalities", 2018, Springer, USA (256 pages); and "Geometric Inequalities. Methods of Proving", 2017, Springer, USA, (464 pages).

Starting in 2016, Dr. Sedrakyan has been and remains a member of the Problem Selection Committee (PSC) and a member of the Jury of the International Olympiad of Metropolises, Moscow, Russia.

Starting in 2006, Sedrakyan is a member of the problem selection committee and a jury member of International Zhautykov Olympiad, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

He was a member of the International Jury and a member of the Problem Selection Committee (PSC) of the 51st International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), Kazakhstan, 2010.

For many years Dr. Sedrakyan was a leader or a deputy leader of the Armenian national team in IMO.

He is the author of 11 problems included in the Shortlists of IMOs.

He is a professional coach for IMO (trained 1 Gold Medal winner, 4 Silver Medal winners, and 15 Bronze Medal winners).

Dr. Sedrakyan was the President of the Republican Mathematical Olympiads of the Republic of Armenia, 2011-2013, and a Jury member during 1996-2005 and 2009-2013.

He was the President and Organizer of International Mathematical Olympiad "Tournament of Towns" in the Republic of Armenia, 1986-2013.

He was the President of the Yerevan's state Mathematical Olympiad, Republic of Armenia, 1996-2013.

Dr. Sedrakyan received a Gold Medal for contributions to World's Mathematical Olympiads and Scientific Activities from the University of Riga and the Latvian Mathematical Committee.