Wen-Hsien Sun, Taiwan

Executive Director, Chiu Chang Mathematics Foundation, Taipei

[Wen-Hsien Sun]

Wen-Hsien Sun (centre) receives his Erdös Award from WFNMC President Peter Taylor (left) and WFNMC Awards Committee Chairman Ron Dunkley (right). The presentation took place on Saturday 10 August 2002, at the Ibis Hotel, Melbourne, as part of WFNMC's 4th conference.


Wen-Hsien Sun completed an undergraduate degree in mathematics education, but did not become a teacher because of unhappiness with an examination-driven culture. Instead, he became a businessman supplying stationery to the schools. In 1978, he created Chiu Chang Mathematics Publishing Company, aimed at making good enrichment materials available to schools. On many occasions, he subsidised publications personally in order to increase their availability.

In 1988, he was instrumental in introducing the IMO to Taiwan and since that time has played a significant role in the Taiwan IMO experience, organising, training and leading their team, often at his own expense.

In other areas, he has created a bookstore in Beijing, through which Chinese mathematicians have had access to Western publications, has introduced the Tournament of the Towns to Taiwan, and has encouraged the enrolment of Taiwan schools in the Australian Mathematics Competition.

He has been a major reason for the enrolment of Taiwan students in elementary and intermediate competitions and has ensured that enrichment materials are available for study. As an offshoot of this activity, selected students are able to attend the Chiu Chang-University of Alberta Summer Camp, learning Mathematics, English and Canadian Culture.

In 2000, he founded the Chiu Chang Mathematics Foundation, which sponsors the exchange program, and which, in addition, supports local activities and puzzle competitions.