ICME-9: Program for TSG18 (Competitions) and WFNMC

Meetings to be held in Chiba Institute of technology Room 5203

There is also a separate page containing talk abstracts.

TSG18 Tuesday 1 August 16:30-18:00

Topic B: Particular Competitions with their characteristics and thoughts about their impact, Session 1

12 min Andjans and        Internet and Mathematical Competitions:
       Ramana (Latvia)    Latvian Experience
12 min Berinde and        Mathematical Competitions in Romania:
       Becheanu (Romania) Tradition and Continuity
12 min Andreescu (USA)    American Mathematics Competitions 

Topic E: Investigation regarding Competition peripherals

12 min Leder and            Hobbies and careers of young 
       Taylor (Australia)   mathematicians: today and yesterday
12 min Pederson (Australia) Effects of Self-Selection of Entrants on
                            Group Means in the Australian 
                            Mathematics Competition 
12 min Hao (China)          Inquiry and Research into the Anxiety of 
                            the Students in Mathematics Contests  
12 min Pollard, Taylor,     Trends in Gender Comparisons over 13 years
       Atkins (Australia)   of the Australian Mathematics Competition
6 min  de Losada (Colombia) Response

TSG18 Wednesday 2 August 16:30-18:00

Topic C: Mathematical Topics Relating to Competition Problems

15 min Soifer (USA)          Squares in a Square: A Cycle of Problems
15 min Dowsey and            Some Unsolved Problems Inspired by
       Henry (Australia)     the Mathematics Challenge for 
                             Young Australians
15 min Sedrakyan (Armenia)   The role of geometrical inequalities in
                             studying geometry
15 min Bellot-Rosado (Spain) Generalization of a Contest Problem
                             and two Solutions
15 min Bilchev and           About a group of Geometric
       Velikova (Bulgaria)   Transformations
15 min Bilchev (Bulgaria)    A New Glance on the Fundamental
        and Vlamos (Greece)  Triangle Inequality


WFNMC First Session Tuesday 1 August 1815-1915, Makuhari Messe Room 304

10 min: Presentation of three medals by the Latvian Mathematical Society

Topic D: Competition Training Experiences

12 min Chiu (Hong Kong)   Training experiences from the international
                          Island School of Hong Kong

Topic A: Relation between Maths competitions and Mathematical education

12 min Surányi (Hungary)  The influence of mathematics 
                          competitions on teaching: 
                          their benefits and dangers
12 min Gardiner (UK)      The role of mathematics 
                          competitions in Mathematics 
8 min Fauring (Argentina) Response

WFNMC Second Session Wednesday 2 August 1815-1915 Makuhari Messe Room 304

Invited Talk

15 min Yoshigahara (Japan)   A die on an overhead projector

Topic B: Particular Competitions with their characteristics and thoughts about their impact, Session 2

10 min Sufuanov (Russia)  Mathematical Fights as a Way of  
                          Fostering Mathematical Talent
10 min Bankov (Bulgaria)  Third Junior Balkan Mathematics Olympiad
10 min Kenderov and       Mathematical Winter Competitions
       Bilchev (Bulgaria) in Mathematics, Informatics 
                          and Mathematical Linguistics
10 min Arya (India)       Mathematical Contests with Special
                          Reference to India

WFNMC Third Session Friday 4 August 1530-1630 Makuhari Messe Room 304

Presentation of the WFNMC Paul Erdös Awards for 2000 and General Meeting

WFNMC Fourth Session Friday 4 August 1700-1800 Makuhari Messe Room 304

Forum of Future Directions

Chair: Peter Taylor (Australia)

8 min Ron Dunkley (Canada)
8 min Ali Rejali (Iran)
8 min Petar Kenderov (Bulgaria)
8 min Maria de Losada (Colombia)

25 min open discussion


International Mathematics Tournament of Towns Meeting

Friday 4 August, Venue: Room 301, International Conference Hall Makuhari Messe. 1300 to 1400.